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Aug 11, 2009 6:00am EDT
. >> it is not but it is america and you should hear the debate, people debating through here,. >> america is not about government running things, and free enterprise matters. >> we have such a barberric system when somebody loses a job they lose their health care. >> reporter: this snot the last chance to sound off, cardin plans to hold one more meeting before heading back from his august recess. >> that people will be more informed and i will have a better understanding as to their concerns. >> both pro and con get another crack at the senator tomorrow in haegerstown, wjz eyewitness news back to you, don. >>> today the president will head to new hampshire to hold his own meeting. the white house this morning is denying rumors it is teaming up with pharmaceutical companies to help spread the message, the same barack obama attacked for charging too much. if the rumors are true, the back room dealing could cost seniors plenty. >>> thousands of people fleaing from their homes. officials say the first 7.6 magnitude quake killed one person and injure dozens more. officials are briefly issued a tsunami warning afterwa
Aug 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
. >> international. he's got the biggest log cabin in america that he lives in now. >> joan, you weren't joking when you said a cave. >> i'm not joking, no. the stories we have another man who was so poor his parents sent him alone at two to america from cuba, snuck him out at two and he brought all the family over. he was mowing lawns at seven. washing toilets to get through harvard. now has the biggest house in all of south beach. >> that's something saying. >> and made it on -- we had a guy that sole cars, too poor to buy a car. used walk to and from to sell cars. he owns all the car dealerships from florida to i'm making up, california. incredible. >> you know what's interesting about this on a serious note here, you know, you yourself you know hit some rough times. you can relate to having to say okay, today i got to do it or i'm not eating or my kid is not going to be well. >> sweetheart i've lived on ketchup soup as many of us have, hot water and put the ketchup in. we've all been there, not all, but a lot. and how great to see you can pull yourself up and you can do it if you got a good idea
Aug 14, 2009 6:00am EDT
. with all due respect you steelers fans. it's part of the lure of the hottest video game in america. >> this are pipe who will -- people who have not gone to by yet, they've been playing that. if you don't get it, stick with us, we're going to talk to some people who do and maybe you will. last coming up next when eyewitness news continues. >>> it's friday. a nice start. >> it is. talking about madden. ray lewis, bringing it to your neighborhoods. he was on the cover. 68 degrees right now. 68 dew point. that's 100% humidity and the barometer at 30.15. we're seeing dense fog advisory in effect. the sun coming up the east. looking for some good weather this week. high pressure is going to dominate us. a little more humid. a high of 85 degrees and a chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow, much the same deal. more humid, slightly better chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. 90 and back to 88 degrees with sunshine. >>> thank you. let's check in with share. >> reporter: so far the only problem we've had to report is some late-clearing construction on
Aug 24, 2009 6:00am EDT
? lupus people? >> they are from the foundation of america. greater washington chapter. you know how sometimes, you have rivalries between cities. i know of one, louisville, lexington. louisville loves the smaller city leching ton, but lexington is not thrilled about louisville. people in washington love washington, but folks in baltimore are not thrilled with the people in washington. >> the national chapter of the lieu piss foundation is in washington and greater washington chapter is trying to raise funds to get services and a chapter here in baltimore. >> reporter: so the reason why they are here. they are going to do a -- >> we'll do a walk on september 26th at the y on 33rd street. you can get information on www baltimore lupus walk. org. >> exactly, now, this group, i done know if you realize it, they have the butterflies. >>> and the butterflies are -- >> a sign of hope. >> i hope you are going to have a great time singing on manic monday. get the banner straight. are you guys ready? >> yes. coach, you are not going purple? >> no, the 13th is when the season starts, that's wh
Aug 26, 2009 6:00am EDT
the job? >> not really because most servant systems in america deal with great challenges. the average tenure for a urban superintendent is 27 months. this is what i trained to do and this is what i do. regardless of what i had done in cleveland, detroit, boston, it would have been a challenging job. and the question for me was is this a place where i think i can make a difference? >> after two years, do the people quit? get fired? or all of the above in. >> all of the above. i think most of them are go someplace else. these are highly political jobs in terms of schools being a de -- being a point of crisis in the cities. and with boards changes and changes in boards there's a call for leadership. and mayors change and there's issues with unions and community and school not performing as they should. it's a hot job. that's what i do. >> your background is education and your degree is in education. are you a teacher in. >> i was a teacher for 12 years. >> no kidding? >> my original background was in law enforcement i was lawyer before i went into education and then i taught for 12 years
Aug 10, 2009 6:00am EDT
back on july 18th. >>> the president is in mexico for the americas summit but not there is the venezuelan president chavez who told his military to be prepared for a possible confrontation with colombia. >>> and here it's the last call for people who want to weigh in on maryland's budget problems. today is the very last day you can offer suggestions to the governor on how the state can save money. you can make your suggestions on the internet through the end of the business day today. lawmakers need to close a $700 million budget gap. >>> in sports the orioles are home after a tough loss on the road in toronto yesterday. bryan gave up too many runs too early in the game. blou jays pitcher ruled the mound over 8 innings of work striking out four orioles. toronto takes 2 of 3 in the series winning yesterday 7-3. it is the athletics and then the angels coming to town for a 7-game home stand. that starts tonight. >>> okay. a little steammy. >> at the ballpark, yeah. >> but frankly it's going to be a -- all things considered, pretty normal week. temperatures onl
Aug 25, 2009 6:00am EDT
of america out and they turn around and try to make more money off of us. >> still, he found the nation will likely be comfortable news for many on wall street who worry about who would lead the fed as the economy bounces back. >> bar unanimous bernanke may be a darling on wall vet. congress will have to approve his nomination and they promise some tough questions. chris believes bernanke is the right man for the job but insists he was too slow to act during the early stages of the financial crisis. despite some criticism on capitol hill, bernanke is almost certain to win confirmation but his job won't get any easier, suspect the sluggish economic recovery and some worry it can slip back into recession. cbs news washington. >> speakingover things financial the overseas do not look good. japan -- down more than 83 points, the 1 # 1 french and german are also all down at this hour. >> nasa is playing a waiting game after bad weather scrubs the launch of discovery overnight. nasa is preparing to launch the shuttle i recall tomorrow morning, to bring new equipment to the international spa
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7